Alexandre Evgrafov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Alexandre’s father was a key figure in his childhood and was the artist’s first and foremost inspiration. There was no doubt in Alexandre’s mind that art would become his destiny—he knew it from an early age. At the age of five, Alexandre was already exploring the nature of colour; and was already beginning to see the intricacies of paint and its texture. There were two intertwining realities. One was the real world and the other was on the canvas (not less real) – both warm and beautiful.

At the age of 17, Alexandre moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. There he enrolled in the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture spending ten years deeply engrossed in the study of the classical arts. Following this achievement the artist pursued his master’s degree in the School of Post-Graduate Studies at the Academy of Arts. Recognized early on by his professors, some of Sasha’s — as he is sometimes called by friends and acquaintances — some of Sasha’s early works are still on display in some of the Academy’s most valued collections. Through the years spent in St. Petersburg, Alexandre along with other well known artists participated in numerous exhibitions across Russia and in Europe.

Though unplanned and spontaneous, in 1991 Alexandre found himself in Toronto, Canada. There the artist underwent a sort of metamorphose that reflected itself through his work. As a result, year by year his passion for versatility has grown, prompting different series of paintings and drawings. The emphasis of color and texture in Alexandre’s works are reflective of his passion for the South; with pronouncing brush strokes engulfed in warmth, and light that conjures the appearance of reality itself. Alexandre’s previous experiences in Russia, and his time in Canada has given his work great depth, his travel continue to lend themselves in his paintings as new aspirations are formed and new realities created.

With a variety of techniques and mediums, Sasha has created magnetic pieces of art that seem to contain a language of their own. The artist’s drawings, encaustics and paintings have found their way in prominent galleries across the globe. Many of Alexandre’s work can be found today in museums and private collections: Museum of History of Leningrad, Academy of Fine Arts of Russia and Pushkin’s Museum in France have all collected Alexandre’s paintings. Private collections have also spread Alexandre’s works worldwide, with owners in the Russia, France, Germany, Japan, US, Israel, Finland, Italy, St. Lucia and the United Arab Emirates.

Yet with Alexandre uncanny ability to manipulate the colors and textures of paint; combined with his profound history of the great painters before him; art critics are speculating that this gifted painter seems to just now be on the verge of hitting his prime and making a breakthrough in the forefront of the international art scene.


1982 – 1986
Degree: Master of Fine Arts
School of Graduate Studies – Visual Arts
The Academy of Arts of the USSR
St.Petersburg, Russia

1975 – 1981
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture (formerly the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts)
St.Petersburg, Russia























Professional Experience:

1991 – present
Artist – full time
Toronto, Canada
1982 – 1991
Artist – full time
Artists’ Union of Russia
St.Petersburg, Russia

1985 – 1988
Mural restorer – summer job
Rostov, Suzdal, Russia

1983 – 1985
Fine Arts Instructor – part time
The Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture
Continuing Education Courses
St.Petersburg, Russia


















2000 – 2001
Hittite Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
Dessinee Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Pushkin Museum (Group), Paris, France

The Great Hall (Group), Toronto, Ontario

Art Salon – Canadian Opera Company
(Group) Toronto, Ontario

Art Focus 7th Annual Fall Artist’s Show
(Group), The Galleria, BCE Place, Toronto, Ontario

37th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition
(Juried, Group), Toronto, Ontario

The Great Hall (Group), Toronto, Ontario

Art Party Sundays (Group), Toronto, Ontario

Cabbagetown Annual Outdoor Art Festival

1997 Temptation of the colour by SASHA
(Solo) Art Centre, Leamington, Ontario

36th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition
(Juried, Group), Toronto, Ontario

The Great Hall (Group), Toronto, Ontario
1995 34th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition
(Juried, Group), Toronto, Ontario

Marine Museum at Exhibition Place,
“Picture This: Toronto Harbour in Art”
(Juried, Group), Toronto, Ontario

33rd Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition
(Juried, Group), Toronto, Ontario



Museum of the History of Leningrad, St.Petersburg, Russia
Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR, Moscow, Russia
The Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture, St.Petersburg, Russia

In addition to the above public collections, works can also be found in private and
corporate collections around the world including Canada, USA, France, Germany,
Japan. Finland, Poland, Sweden, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Israel.